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Gemini: Is Google’s Bard AI Set to Outshine ChatGPT in the AI Landscape?

Is ChatGPT already an old hat?

If you find yourself enjoying a mince pie while contemplating the integration of AI into your business next year, you might be trailing behind the current trends. Just over a year has passed since ChatGPT’s launch brought AI concepts into the limelight, but there are whispers that ChatGPT might lose its relevance sooner than we carve the next Christmas turkey.

The new player in town is Gemini, Google’s foray into the mainstream AI marketplace. Considering Google’s pivotal role in developing foundational AI technology and its self-proclaimed ‘AI-first’ status for nearly a decade, it’s clear they’re making a significant move. Google recently unveiled Bard AI, a conversational AI tool aimed at inspiring creativity, brainstorming ideas, and enhancing productivity — features familiar to ChatGPT users. Google claims that Bard AI surpasses ChatGPT in 30 of 32 benchmarks, including reasoning, math, and code.

Gemini, Google’s latest large language AI model, is expected to impact many Google products. It comprises three strands: Gemini Nano (a lighter version for native offline use on Android devices), Gemini Pro (powering various Google AI services, including Bard), and Gemini Ultra (Google’s most potent large language model, designed for data centers and enterprise applications).

Developers and enterprise clients can access Gemini Pro through Google Generative AI Studio or Vertex AI in Google Cloud starting December 13, with Gemini Ultra slated for release next year.

In the marketing landscape, introducing a new product with enhanced capabilities into a familiar Google services environment can position Google strategically. With Meta and Apple also vying for a share of the AI pie, the pace of innovation is unlikely to slow down. The lingering question, however, is how AI will actively, efficiently, and safely enhance the productivity of businesses and daily lives.

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